Wedding Gown

Why Zebra Dry Cleaners for Wedding Gowns Cleaning and Preservation?

• Wedding gowns are delicate. The beautiful laces, beading fabrics and trims require special care by a skilled and professional cleaner. We have years of experience, knowledge, and awareness in the cleaning of your bridal gown. We are dedicated to cleaning and preserving your precious bridal gown, entrusted to us, with the utmost care.

• Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Wedding Gown Care Specialists. With proper care and storage, your cherished Bridal Gown will remain beautiful for years. Our exclusive service includes professional cleaning and preservation in a special acid-free MuseumCare™ preservation chest.

• We carefully inspect and prepare your bridal gown before cleaning. We check for spots, age, wear areas, any and all needed repairs; loose buttons or beads, open seams, tears, damaged zippers, etc., anything that should be fixed. Beads and other trims are tested for “clean-ability”.

• Some things should be done before cleaning, like removing or reinforcing & covering buttons, so they don’t become damaged during cleaning. Your gown is then professionally hand spotted and gently cleaned alone in crystal-clear solution for a brief period. It’s checked again, and if necessary, it’s post spotted, then skillfully hand finished. Any other finishing touches, like re-sewing buttons or trims, more repairs, etc., are done at this time. We then perform another complete inspection of your gown to insure that it is in perfect shape and ready for long-term storage.

• Full service on in depth alterations.

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